30 Sites every internet marketer should bookmark

I wish I could say that I learned everything I know about making money online and internet marketing by myself. Like most of you, I’ve spent countless hours reading up on different blogs, forums, and books in order to learn as much as I possibly could about this whole internet marketing thing.

Over the years, I’ve bookmarked a great deal of sites that I use in my IM endevours to use as references, for entertainment, and just to learn. Because internet marketing is constantly changing (Google algorithm updates, new social media sites, new MMO methods, etc.) I still spend a great deal of time checking on my favorite sites and learning new things.

I’ve decided to compile a list of 30 sites that every internet marketer should bookmark or at least be aware of. Since I’ve put all these sites in one place, I suppose you could save some space and just bookmark this post instead of having a long list of bookmarked sites like me.


1: CopyBlogger

Content is King, and you won’t find a better site to learn about generating high quality content than Copyblogger.

2: Problogger

This is one of my favorite “how to blog” sites. Darren Rowse is probably one of the most well respected bloggers there is. If your goal is to make money blogging, you need to bookmark Problogger.

3: Web 2.0’s Post (via blogstash)

Web 2.0’s have withstood the test of time as far as SEO is concerned. This post contains a list of high quality Web 2.0’s that you can use for link-building purposes.

4: Niche Pursuits

Niche sites are a very popular. There is some debate about how effective they are as a long term strategy but there are tons of people who make millions with niche sites alone. The site was created by Spencer Haws who is also the guy behind one of the most popular keyword research tools there is, Long Tail Pro.

5: Quicksprout

Neil Patel is the founder of KISSmetrics, a tool that provides analytics for online businesses. His site, Quicksprout gives aspiring online CEO’s advice and tips on how to make money online with a focus on the marketing aspect.

6: Shoemoney

If you have been into internet marketing for a while, you’ve probably come across the picture before:



The guy holding the $132,994.91 check from Google is Jeremy Schoemaker, the owner of Shoemoney.com. The blog is follows his online entrepreneurship and gives tips and advice on how to make money online.

7: Affbuzz

Affbuzz is an Affiliate Marketing News Aggregator. They compile headlines from a bunch of affiliate marketing sites. It’s great if you’re into PPC.

8: Smart Passive Income

Pat is another popular guy in the internet marketing world. He has a great story. If you’ve never visited his site before, start with this post.

9: John Chow DOT Com

John Chow is an all around entrepreneur who has achieved a great deal of success through blogging and other avenues. There is some great info on his blog.

10: Black Hat World

Don’t be scared off by the title of the site. While I believe that having your entire business model revolve around black hat techniques isn’t wise, Black Hat World has some great tips and advice (blackhat and whitehat). The forum has quite a bit of knowledgeable people and real life case studies which I love.

11: Local SEO Ranking Factors (via davidmihm)

If you’re interested in doing online marketing for local companies, SEO is a popular service to sell. Offline Marketing (selling IM services to real businesses) is a huge money maker and something that I have experience with. This post provides a case study that helps show the different factors that go into ranking for Local SEO.

12: Bizible Blog

Bizible provides marketing analytics within Salesforce. The company’s blog gives some practical tips about internet marketing that can actually be pretty useful. It’s a nice break from other company blogs that exist solely to promote themselves.

13: Local Citation Sources (via poweredbysearch) 

Citations are pretty much business listings online. They help local businesses rank higher in search engines. This list contains 30 different sites that can be used to make citations. This is great for offliners.

14: We blog Better 

As you probably guessed by now, I read a lot of blogs on the topic of blogging. WBB is another one on my list that I check on a consistent basis. The site has a great readership and is one of the more popular blogs about blogging online.

15: Converting Copy

I had to put this blog on the list. Unlike many IM blogs that get filled with mediocre content and “filler” posts, Converting Copy is packed full of actionable tips that any IMer can benefit from. It’s clear that Paul knows what he’s talking about and that he speaks from experience.

16: Bloggermint

I use WordPress to power all of my sites and I’m sure many of you do as well. Bloggermint has a ton of WP tutorials and tips to help you along the way. They also hold giveaways from time to time which is an added bonus because I love free stuff.

17: 90 Second Squeeze Page

Building an e-mail list is extremely important. One of the best ways of doing this is to create a squeeze page offering a free product (typically an e-book) in exchange for user emails. 90 Second Squeeze page lets you setup a simple squeeze page to direct traffic to for free.

18: Bodybuilding.com Affiliate Marketing Threads

At the time of this writing, the Bodybuilding.com Affiliate Marketing thread in the Misc. section is on part 8. While there is a lot of repetitiveness in the threads, there is some gold buried in them and many successful sites have come out of them such as GeneticWar and That’s Dominican.

19: Under30CEO

Under 30 CEO contains great posts and interviews with successful young entrepreneurs. Many of the people featured on the site have online businesses which is exactly the type of people you want to learn from.

20: Wickedfire

There are a lot of people who think that Wickedfire is the best IM forum there is. You could debate this all day or you could check out the site and learn something. I’d recommend looking through some of the case studies because you can learn a lot from other people’s success and failure.

21: Warriorforum

A lot of people will be pissed to see this one the list. I will 100% agree that there are TONS of “experts” on there who only make money online by selling WSO that teach people how to make money online. And there are also tons of garbage WSO’s on there as well. However, there are also quite a few people who actually know what they’re talking about and some quality posts. You just have to know how to separate the garbage from useful info.

22: Steve Scott Site

In between all of the posts promoting his Kindle Books, Steve’s blog has some of the best posts about IM and Kindle Publishing you’ll ever read. The guy can write very well. A lot of the content deals with Kindle Publishing but he talks a lot about building authority sites. He’s currently doing a case study that I have been actively following. I have learned a lot through his site and I highly recommend checking it out. Oddly enough I have never bought any of his books.

23: The Mike From Maine Show

As his website states, Mike interviews successful internet entrepreneurs. The interviews are both entertaining and educational so it’s a win-win.

24: Freelance Unleashed

Freelance Unleashed is a site specifically geared towards freelancers. Freelancing is one of the ways that I personally make money online so this is one of my favorite sites. The bread and butter of Freelance Unleashed is the interviews.

25: Offer Search

Looking for a particular product or offer to promote? Offer Search is a search engine for CPA offers that pulls up relevant offers from a variety of advertising networks. It’s a very handy tool.

26: PR Checker

I personally use PR Checker to check the Page Rank of my sites and sites I want to guest post on. It’s free and it gets the job done.

27: eBay Life Blog 

ebay life blog

I don’t personally know of many high quality blogs about selling on eBay (besides my posts on here of course ;)). Most of the sites about eBay are made by people who are trying to sell their books. So the eBay Life Blog is refreshing.

28: Mixergy

Not only is the domain name awesome, but the site itself is packed with great interviews of internet entrepreneurs. Instead of watching re-runs of your favorite T.V shows, browse through some of the Mixergy interviews.

 29: Retire@21

We all want to retire young. Retire@21 is all about inspiring young entrepreneurs to build wealth while they’re still young.

30: Moz Blog

Formerly SEOMoz, Moz is all about providing tools to improve your SEO. The blog has tips and info related to SEO. You might expect a company blog to be filled with crappy 200 word posts but the content on the Moz Blog is actually a lot more engaging and in depth than non-corporate SEO blogs.

There are plenty of other sites I could add on here but I think 30 is enough to get you started. I originally was going to do a list of 50 but since it’s been so long since my last post I needed to get something up ASAP.

What sites do you recommend or visit frequently?


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