Welcome to class. I created this blog to show college students how to legitimately make money online in order to help lower the amount of debt they have, pay for books, and other expenses related to college. I’ve managed to rack up a good amount of student debt while in college and I’m working on paying it off with online income while still in school (marketing major). I want to share my knowledge of Affiliate Marketing, buying and flipping products (the legal kind!), and other ways of making money online with you.

How I Organized The Blog

I thought it would be cool to keep with the college theme and make informational posts set up as “classes”. In the classes, I go over a topic, include some key terms, and give you some useful info. There is so much involved with making money online that breaking it up into pieces with classes makes it easier learn.

There’s a bunch more to this blog, so since most people don’t read “About” pages, i’ll just let you browse the site and take it all in. Contact me any time on Twitter @college_ceo. Have fun and learn something!