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As some of you might know, one of the ways I make money online is through niche sites and affiliate marketing. While I’m out looking for different niches to enter, I always stumble across some that are really cool, but I just don’t have the time (or desire) to create new sites for them. So what happens with these great niches I don’t do anything with?

In the past, I’ve just kind of put them on the backburner, and told myself I’d get to them later. But I usually never end up going back to them. Instead of just letting them go to waste, I came up with the idea of just giving out  the niches to you all. Every month, I’m going to to do a “Hot Niche Of The Month” post where I give out a niche that I think has some good potential.

You might be thinking, “But College CEO, won’t the niches become crowded since you’re sharing them with thousands of people?!?!?” Well, kind of. That’s definitely something I thought about. But here’s why I think this will be a great idea.

  • Most of the people who read this will not take action. It’s just the way things seem to work in online marketing.
  • Some people will try, but give up after they realize their is work involved.
  • Some people will try but fail (not being able to rank keywords, not able to gain traffic, etc.)
  • Even though these are niche keywords, there are so many different longtail keywords and related keywords you can rank for that there’s plenty of room for competition.
  • Competition can fuel success
  • Even if you don’t pursue the exact niches/keywords I give out, it might spark you to find a related niche that you never even thought about until you saw one of these posts

And most of all, I think it’s a pretty cool idea to add something new to The College CEO. Maybe we can eventually start some type of competition. We’ll see how it works out.

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For the first post, I’ve found a niche that has some great potential. I was very hesitant to share this niche, and I’m probably going to be kicking myself in about a month or two when I see one of your sites ranking at the top of Google for it and making a nice chunk of change from it. But oh well, sharing is caring right? Feel free to send me a finders fee if you want ;).

The niche is Pet Ramps.

Hot Niche Pet Ramps

Why is this a hot niche?

Well for one, it’s a very niche product, aimed at a very specific audience. Here’s how Amazon categorizes it:

Pet Supplies>Dogs>Carriers & Travel Products>Car Travel Accessories>Vehicle Ramps 

Pet owners are known to be some of the biggest spenders out there. I like to call it a passion niche. People are very passionate about their pets and tend to buy based on emotion rather than logic. Seriously, why else would shit like this exist? But pet ramps have an advantage of being useful for pets and pet owners, so it’s a double win! Who doesn’t love to buy things for their dog?

Second, there are so many options for related keywords to build your site around. I’m not going to do all of your keyword research for you, but just know that you have dozens and dozens of keywords directly related to pet ramps that you can target. You can even target keywords that aren’t directly related because of all the different pet accessories out there.

Also, pet ramps are in a great price range. They’re not dirt cheap, but they’re also not super expensive. They can range from around $30-$200+. That means that buyers aren’t going to have to take a loan to get one or put a ton of thought into it. Usually just looking at reviews is enough to get people to buy things in this price range. And since they’re not too cheap, it makes it worth your time.

Lastly, there are some nice domain names available that you can use. I found some good exact match domains through Long Tail Pro, or you could even go the branded name route like Perrin did with A Penny Shaved.

Keyword Data

Here’s some basic info on the main keyword “pet ramp”, and some of the related keywords that you could (and should) target I found with LTP. You’ll need to do some more research too, but this is enough to show you why I like this niche so much.

How to Monetize

The obvious way to make money is Amazon. They have a ton of products that you could use. But that’s not your only option. Petco has an affiliate program through Commission Junction which will give you higher commissions per sale. Here’s their commission structure:

  • 11% commission for monthly sales over $15,000
  • 10% commission for monthly sales of $8,000 – $14,999
  • 9% commission for monthly sales of $2,500 – $7,999
  • 8% commission for monthly sales of $1 – $2,499

Not too shabby. is another option through CJ. Just look around, there are plenty of advertisers you could use. When you consider the fact that most people will end up buying more stuff besides just the ramp, you’re looking at some decent income.

This is a great niche, and someone better jump on it quick. With a little effort, you could have a good earning site on your hands. If you end up going for it, shoot me an email. I’d love to see what you’re able to do with it. In the meantime, I’ll be looking up some other hot niches to share with you all next month!

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