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Will This WSO Get You $.01 Likes On Facebook?

I recently got my hands on a copy of a WSO written by Bill Guthrie. He seems to have a fairly decent reputation, so I figured what the heck, I’ll look into it. In this WSO, Bill states that this book will show you how to run Facebook ad campaigns that only cost you $0.01. It’s more so about how to get really cheap Facebook likes in general, rather than specifically for a penny each.

I’d like to preface this review by letting you all know that I’m far from new to Facebook advertising. I actually wrote my own free guide on Facebook advertising a while ago, so I can tell B.S from legitimate info. I’ll try to provide my insight into whether or not this book is effective for newbies, and if more experienced people such as myself can could get some value out of it as well.

So with no further ado, here’s my review of the Once Cent Likes WSO by Bill Guthrie.

I am not an affiliate for this product FYI. There are no affiliate links in this post. Out of respect for the book’s creators, I won’t reveal any “spoilers”. 


The guide is 26 pages long, including images, and the introductory pages. The meat of this WSO is the steps to set up a Facebook ad. Bill breaks down the 4 most important parts of setting up a Facebook ad:

  1. Your audience
  2. Your image
  3. Your headline
  4. Ad copy/call to action

The book goes into detail on each of these 4 facets of Facebook ads. Most of the book is about creating a well targeted audience. When it comes to Facebook ads, choosing your audience is extremely important, so it’s nice that Bill focuses most of his attention on this section.

The audience targeting chapter is definitely the part of the book that most people will find useful. I was even able to pick up on one particular tip/method or “ninja tip” as Bill refers to it, that I had never thought of implementing before. Obviously I can’t reveal exactly what it is, but it was a nice little tip that’s beneficial for new and experienced Facebook advertisers.

The other 3 main topics are briefly covered, but it was really all info that I had already known, and wasn’t anything innovative or new.

The last few pages consist of brief “case studies” that show that the Bill has actually been able to achieve results using the methods he describes in the book.


The best thing about this book is definitely the section on creating a targeted audience. He includes pictures and examples of how he chooses his audiences. The method he uses to help find his audience is the thing that I had never thought of before, and will be trying out for the ads I run for a new site I’m working on.

Another great thing about this guide is that it’s well written. I can’t tell you how many WSO’s I’ve read in the past that were clearly written by non-native english speakers and are filled with spelling and grammatical errors. When a product creator doesn’t want to make the effort to have their book edited or at least perform a spell check, it’s usually a bad sign. That’s not an issue at all with this book though.

Bill gets right to the point and doesn’t fill it with too much fluff just to add pages. The tone is casual, and you can tell that he has actually put these practices to use and isn’t just talking out of his ass like some people do.


My biggest gripe with this book is that it’s too basic. Apart from the audience targeting section, there wasn’t too much in the book that hasn’t already been written about several times over (placing a border around your ad images for example).

It would have been great if the book would have went more in depth into topics like CPC vs CPC, where to direct ads to (a landing tab), and other more advanced topics. But to be fair, Bill clearly states on the sales thread on Warrior Forum that the purpose of this book is solely to gain likes:

the one cent likes funnel is focused on building fan pages, growing your audience, running Like campaigns, etc.

Also, the book doesn’t mention the fact that a big part of what can make an ad successful is the topic of your page. It’s a lot easier get one cent likes for a page about hot girls or memes than it is for a page for an industrial siding company.


Alright, so what you really want to know is “should you buy it?” The book costs $9.95. If you’re new to running Facebook ads and want one single resource to learn how to set up your ads for the purpose of getting likes, then I’d say go ahead and buy it.

But if you’re a more advanced user that knows the basics already and have some experience running ads (especially if you’re already getting likes for pennies) then this isn’t a “must have”. You might find a few tips that you didn’t know before, but I wouldn’t say that it’s information that would make or break your campaigns.

Buy One Cent Likes WSO


If you enjoyed this review and want to see more like it, contact me and let me know what you’d like me to review. I know that a lot of times it’s hard to know which reviews you can trust online. A lot of people ONLY review products they’re affiliates for and then you have the ones that make fake testimonials. If you trust my input, and want to get my opinion on a WSO, software, or other product, I’ll try to review it.


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