21 Ways to make money online

Making money online is actually a lot easier than people realize. Making consistent income that you can support yourself with is an entirely different topic.

One of the biggest reasons I see people giving up on IM is because they don’t get that immediate success. All of the BS WSO’s out there that claim to earn you $10,000 a month in 30 days actually have people fooled into thinking that’s a realistic goal.


In my experience, once you earn that first bit of change online, your drive really starts to kick in and you want more. The issue that a lot of beginners struggle with is that they don’t even know where to start. In an effort to help give you some ideas, I’ve put together a list of 21 ways to make money online.

This list should help give you a basic foundation and a place to start instead of throwing your money at every new WSO (most of which contain the exact same info btw) that comes out. Read the list, use the list, love the list, share the list, or do whatever you want with it. These are all guaranteed methods that make money. You just have to take action.

1- Write articles: Find clients on Warrior Forum, Wicked Fire, Elance, etc. and write articles for them.

2- Start a personal blog: Set up a blog with WordPress about your life. People are more inclined to click on ads or buy affiliate products from someone they feel like they know.

3- Start a micro-niche site: Make a site that targets a small niche. Check out Niche Pursuits for more info.

4- Fiverr Arbitrage: Buy gigs from Fiverr (link building, social media shares, etc.) and resell them for a profit on IM forums.

5- eBay: Sell old items around your house that you don’t need/use anymore.

6- Start a YouTube Channel: Make a YouTube channel with you doing something funny. Monetize with AdSense or Media.net.

7- Sell digital pictures online: Sell your digital photographs to stock photography sites like Shutterstock and Dreamstime.

8- Resell hosting: Become an authorized reseller for a web hosting company like Hostgator.

9- Become a Virtual Assistant: Check freelance sites, Craigslist, or IM forums for people hiring VA’s. You need data entry skills and web knowledge.

10- Guest blog: There are some blogs that actually pay people to contribute guest posts. The posts have to be high quality. Carol from Makealivingwriting.com has a nice list of blogs that pay for guest posts including hers. The list.

11- Be a forum moderator: Are you already an active member of a popular forum? Contact them to become a mod. Some of them pay.

12- Sell SEO services: Help Internet Marketers rank their sites by selling SEO packages on IM forums, Fiverr, or your own website.

13- Product Review Site: Start a site where all you do is review products like Notebook Reviews. Add affiliate links in each review.

14- Sell videos: Use a service like Animoto to create short videos and sell them to small businesses or even internet marketers.

15- Sell infographics: If you’re good with Photoshop, there is a HUGE market for infographics right now. Set up your own site and market it or use freelance sites.

16- Social Media Management: Get people to pay you to manage their social media accounts. Build up their followers, get them retweets/+1’s/Likes/Repins. Respond to messages for them and pretty much have complete control over their accounts.

17- Website Design: Use a WordPress Framework like HeadWay to create completely custom sites and sell them on freelance sites.

18- Design banners/logos: People always need banners made for their products and logos for new websites. Sell your services on Craigslist, freelance sites, and internet marketing forums.

19- Sell plugins: If you’re a good programmer, you can make A LOT of money selling WordPress plugins on sites like CodeCanyon.net.

20- Write an eBook: Information products sell very well if you have a good niche. You might consider getting into Amazon Kindle Publishing.

21- Online surveys: Believe it or not, there are some legitimate sites that pay you to take surveys online. The only one that I will personally vouch for is Cash Crate.

There are sooooooooooo many more ways to make money online that it’s ridiculous. All you have to do is put in the work and the money will come to you.

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