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Deceptive representation EBiz Foundations is the most incredibly detailed, start to finish EBiz Education on the internet, in my opinion. Because I’ve actually seen all the individual courses and vetted them for myself, I’m comfortable saying that. For anyone looking for a hand-held journey through the right way to build a business that really works online, this is what you need.

I recently noticed a complaint about the EBiz Foundations Education that I totally disagree with. I felt I had to write this review at this time for that reason. Because this one guy doesn’t actually complain about the EBiz Foundations Education AT ALL. He’s just whining about the fact that building a real business takes hard work and time!

Really? Can you imagine that. Building an actual business takes hard work and time. Who would have thought so?

In his “complaint”, he accuses Chris Malta of “deceptive representation” of the time it would take to learn and build an online business. I’ve been reading Chris Malta’s materials for many, many years. He says one thing more often than he says anything else. “Building a business is hard work that’s going to take time”. For this complainer to claim that he was not told that is just silly. I don’t believe for one second that there was any deceptive representation of any kind.

Unfortunately this one whiner placed the same silly complaint on 3 of the least-trusted “complaint” sites on the internet.

This review is not so much about the EBiz Foundations Education. That Education is really very good. I’ll review it in much more detail in a separate post. The point of my review has more to do with Review and Complaint sites, which can be very bad.

THE PROBLEM with Review and Complaint Sites

I also noticed that Chris Malta himself has already put up a page in response to that ridiculous complaint. He explains the problems with complaint sites very well in that page. I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes of what he says (and I agree with) here:

Anything you see on, and is in my opinion not to be trusted. Those sites do not verify any of the complaints people make. They do go to the trouble of boosting the SEO on those complaints, though. Why? Because they want the person or company that’s been complained about to pay them to do something about the complaint!

That’s about as crooked as a Review or Complaint website gets, and that’s why you can’t trust what you see on those sites.

Chris also explains this on his page (and he’s right). If you want to see real Reviews and Complaints, you go to sites like the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot and Consumer Reports. That’s where you’ll find the truth.

Why is this so important to me that I wrote this Review? Because everyone is susceptible to those garbage complaint sites. That includes you and me. This whiner reminds me of an angry little kid lashing out emotionally for no reason. He can only do it because those garbage complaint sites allow people to post this kind of junk with absolutely no verification because the garbage complaint sites make money on it.

So my advice is to do yourself a favor and look for the truth on trusted Review and Complaint sites instead.

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