[Method] Exactly How I Made My First $1 With CPA

Ok, so maybe a baby couldn’t do it. But it is EASY!

Hey future CEO’s, I was thinking of some good methods I could give you to start making some money online. I’ve tried several different methods over the years (freelancing, CPA, PPC, product creation, etc.) with varying success. One of the easiest ways to get started making money online in my opinion is through CPA. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. These are offers that pay you “X” amount (also known as the Payout) of dollars for every unique visitor that completes an action. The action that needs to be completed is typically submitting an email address, texting keyword to a shortcode, making a purchase, or entering a pin number. Check out this post- What is CPA? for more details on what CPA is all about.

The method I want to tell you about allowed me to earn my very first $1 with CPA. I’m telling you, once you get your first buck online, you’ll have a new world of motivation to keep going and getting more. Making money online is addicting. After this first taste, you’ll be hooked and there won’t be any need for rehab.

This method involves promoting a CPA offer through forums and Craigslist. I find these two platforms to be excellent traffic sources. People browse forums and Craigslist when they’re in their homes just hanging out. So they have plenty of time to complete a quick email submit offer.

1: Choose your CPA offer

I first used this method with an e-mail submit offer for pet food coupons but that offer is no longer available on AdWork Media. The types of offers that I would recommend would be something niche related. I chose pet food coupons because I was targeting pet owners. The more targeted, the better. Preferably choose a niche that has forums dedicated to it. Since this is the College CEO, let’s target college kids. We’ll look at an offer for a $100 gift card to Little Caesars. The campaign ID in AWM is #3811. Here is the landing page:

Little Caesars CPA Offer


Notice how all they have to do is enter their email. What starving college student isn’t going to take a $100 gift card to Little Caesars?

2: Promote the offer

Now that you have your offer ready to go, it’s time to promote the heck out of it. This offer actually has a lot of potential marketing opportunities. You can market it to your friends on Facebook, use Craigslist, or student related forums. A possible good forum this could be marketed on isĀ http://forums.student.com/.

What you want to avoid when promoting the offer on forums is spamming the site. Make some posts first around the forums. It should take you about 30-60 minutes to get ~50 posts. After that, you can make a thread in the forum along the lines of “Cool way to get some free food”. In the post, say that you came across this site that’s offering a free gift card to Little Caesars. You’re unsure if it works but you just submitted your email and wanted to share it.

I’ve found stating that you’re not sure if it works draws interest and intrigue. Some people will be curious whether or not they can get it to work for them.

To promote the offer on Craigslist, post a similar thread in the Frugal Living discussion forums in your city. I was able to get a good deal of conversions posting the pet food coupons offer on Craigslist under the Pets section. They key is to make sure your post isn’t too formal. You’re just posting a link to a site that you found. You’re not “promoting” just informing.

That’s all I did. You can promote the offer on as many forums or different Craigslist cities as you want. You can easily scale this up by hiring someone to post on Craigslist and different forums for you. Experiment and find out what works for you.

Do you have any quick and easy ways to make money online with CPA?


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