5 Places To Get eBay Templates

When we shop online we are always drawn to do business with websites that have a professional look and feel. Instinctively we tend to step away from anything that looks amateurish. You have to decide on the side of the line where you want your business to land?

Here are 5 sites where you can find attractive templates that will increase your sales.

Auctiva (www.auctiva.com)

Auctiva offers 100% free templates for those paying a monthly subscription fee for their service. They all have a professional graphic design; you can find lots of templates for each imaginable category, color, style and theme. They are accompanied by free auction tools for eBay sellers. They even offer image hosting to make the most out of your products. From fun to cute, professional or any other style, this website has everything covered.

Auction Insights (www.auctioninsights.info)

Auction Insights allows you to create free eBay templates by using their automated template generator, this way you’ll be able to post professional looking auction listings. It is an online tool, you do not have to download it on your computer and you can use it without registering.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks on the form available and once you are done you can view the template by clicking the “view template” button. If there is something you would like different you can easily revise your eBay template.

Use (use.com)

Use offers professionally designed auction templates, if you choose one of their templates your eBay listings will stand out from the crowd! Use offers thousands of free eBay templates accompanied of unlimited free image hosting. They offer a variety of template designs that will fit to any shop. They have dozens of categories that can be used to enhance your eBay auctions: sports themed templates, baby templates, vintage or retro templates, motorcycle ad templates or auto sales templates, real estate listing templates and many more.

If you don’t find one that completely fits your taste and needs with just a few clicks by using the template generator you can create your own template.

Free Auction Design (www.freeauctiondesigns.com)

This another easy to use, just cut and paste template provider. All you have to do is select from one of the pretty categories such as cute or fashion and you will get a page full of stylish templates, once you have decided on which one you would like to use you can just copy the code.

5 Free Boutique Templates (http://www.freeboutiquetemplates.com/)

This website offers a wide theme collection that are suitable especially if you are selling women’s fashion or make up products as themes are designed in a feminine fashion. However they are pretty difficult to modify unless you have a strong knowledge of HTML.

All you have to do is browse through their categories such as Fun Templates, Animated Templates, Holiday and Seasonal Templates choose the desired template and copy/paste the HTML code.

If you want to create listings that are noticed, you can choose templates that can be found on any of the websites mentioned above; there are many more sites that offer eBay auction or listing templates and if you feel that you have not yet found the one that represents you, just keep browsing and you’ll surely find the template you have always dreamt about. You will find the beautiful and professional template that will draw attention and will definitely boost up your sales.

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