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SaleHoo is an e-commerce company based in New Zealand with a website,  They claim to be one of the largest directories of wholesalers on the internet.  SaleHoo was founded in 2005 by Simon Shade and Mark Ling, New Zealand affiliate marketers.

If your objective is to make money selling online, you need to know what products will give you the highest profits and who the suppliers with the lowest cost are. That means you need to be able to trust the wholesale supply information you buy.

SaleHoo claims to provide easy and safe ways to find products to sell and suppliers of those products allowing you to make maximum profits.

SALEHOO’S DIRECTORY – What they claim:

  • 1.6M wholesale products provided by over 8,000 honest and reliable wholesale providers charging genuine wholesale prices.
  • All suppliers verified to be legitimate suppliers.
  • Easy to find suppliers’ information.
  • Verified, legitimate dropshippers, manufacturers, and liquidators are also included. Every day more are added to the directory.

SaleHoo is owned by affiliate marketers. Here’s the problem with that: affiliate marketers are always looking to upsell. Often the product they’re selling is simply something designed to lead you into buying more and more things. That seems to be the case here.

While SaleHoo’s directory price is only $67, that price is per year, not just one time. Once you buy SaleHoo, your email inbox explodes with all kinds of Ecommerce offers that seem sketchy, so it’s quite likely that they are passing your personal information to other marketers in exchange for a kickback.

That’s what affiliate marketers do.

So that leads to the question “How reliable is Salehoo’s wholesale information?” If affiliate marketers are providing one set of information in order to get you to buy countless other sets of information, how much do they actually care about the original information? For Salehoo it’s just a gateway to more money, and affiliate marketers typically develop lots of gateways to more money. That thought doesn’t exactly give me confidence in the original product.

I find it interesting that over many years of time, SaleHoo’s claims tend to mimic the developments that come from Worldwide Brands, my TOP recommendation for finding legitimate wholesale drop shippers and suppliers.

It seems that every time Worldwide Brands increases the number of suppliers they list or the number of products you can find in their Directory, SaleHoo quickly changes their site to say almost exactly the same as Worldwide Brands says. So, is that real, or is Salehoo just copying what Worldwide Brands (the industry standard in this business) says in order to just look like a good product?

My personal opinion is the latter.

A great deal of SaleHoo’s “information” on drop shipping and other wholesale processes looks an awful lot like the information that Worldwide Brands has provided for free for many years. That leads me to wonder whether again, SaleHoo is just copying Worldwide Brands in order to make themselves look legitimate.

SaleHoo wants you to pay for something they call “SaleHoo Stores”. They claim you can create your own online-store website with SaleHoo. This is because SaleHoo provides:

  • 75 ecommerce store templates
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • An “easy to set-up method” that doesn’t require technical skills.

Unfortunately, this is the same kind of thing that all of the most harmful affiliate marketers online push at people all the time. There’s no such thing as a successful template site with built-in marketing that requires no skills. Anybody who’s experienced in this business can tell you that. SaleHoo, however, wants you to believe that kind of thing does work. To me, that’s a really pathetic attempt at taking more and more money from unsuspecting newbies in this business.


While this directory may contain some helpful wholesale information, everything from Salehoo’s hokey sales page tactics to their apparent sharing of customers’ information with others to the endless upsells to the erroneous claims regarding template-driven ecommerce sites earns them a serious Thumbs-Down.

The last thing you need when looking for real drop shipping and wholesale information is to be buried in questionable info and upsell tactics that will likely hurt your business much more than help it.

The Best Alternative For SaleHoo

I’ve gotten a ton of emails from people asking what they should use instead of SaleHoo. That’s an easy question to answer. I’ve spent a lot of time researching all kinds of wholesale information suppliers over the years, and I’ve never found anything better than Worldwide Brands. They bill themselves as the Industry Standard in this market, and I believe that wholeheartedly.

If you want real wholesalers to supply your online business with serious profit margins and only legitimate wholesale companies, check out my Worldwide Brands Review.

Best of luck to you in all you do.

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