How To Become an eBay PowerSeller

What is an eBay PowerSeller and what are the benefits of becoming one?

EBay has developed the PowerSeller program to recognize extraordinary sellers. By achieving the Powerseller status you will gain extra credibility in the eBay community. Buyers usually have more confidence in the PowerSellers as they are more experienced and this a factor that always counts.

The PowerSeller program empowers sellers worldwide to achieve excellent results. There are specific minimum criteria that have to be met in order to obtain the PowerSeller status.

  • Make an average $1,000 or sell 100 items monthly,
  • The above mentioned sales volume has to be maintained for at least three consecutive months,
  • Have at least a 98 percent positive feedback,
  • Your eBay account must be in good standing

The following are some ideas to get you to the eBay PowerSeller status..

Choose Your Niche

You should start your selling strategy by choosing your niche and defining your own market. This way you will know the type of persons you are addressing to and the types of products you would like to sell. Whatever you choose it is best to gain knowledge about that market and products, so you can answer any queries you might receive. This way you will gain a superior position.

You can use the EBay pulse in order to decide the products you would like to sell in your store. You can check what is selling best by studying most search products and keywords in each category.

Another thing to take into account is the name of your store. You should choose an appealing name for your shop.

  1. Information about Your Product

Provide complete details about your product; by doing so you will gain trust and credibility among prospective buyers. A couple of things you should not forget to mention are:  color, shape, size, dimensions, and weight of your products additionally with photographs.

Another important detail is the product photos. You should always take high quality photos of the products displayed on your shop. It is best if you can edit them Photoshop so you can give them an elegant still simple look.
Another trick would be to open a YouTube account, make videos of your products, describe the quality of your product or show how to use them. You can add links to these videos in your product detail page. This way you will definitely receive fewer questions from the prospective customers resulting more sales and time saved.
Enlist your product in the correct specific category; by doing this your prospective buyers will easily find your items.

  1. Shipping Details

Ship your products as quickly as possible. People tend to post negative comments when they receive their order late.

We are all aware of the attraction of the word free. If you can provide free shipping that would be an important factor in choosing the seller and the product. No one likes paying for shipping. A way to get rid of the shipping cost apparently at least, would be to merge the price of the product with the shipping cost and display the total price.

Always ship your product in a neat manner, in a good looking box. For an additional charge you can offer Gift packaging, this would help your customers to pick up gifts for anniversaries, birthdays directly from your store.

  1. Keep your customers informed

Friendly and prompt communication will help you avoid negative feedback.

Respond to any queries you have received regarding your products on the same day; be clear and detailed in describing your products. Send the customer a thank you note after purchasing a product and ask for a positive feedback. Send emails after shipment, informing that you have dispatched the product.

You should mention a clear return policy for your buyers; this will save you from any criticism. Consider leaving feedback as soon as your buyer has paid up, too.

  1. Promote your products outside the bay

If you want to increase sells, you should promote your product outside eBay. You should advertise your products on social media websites, on your blog, via YouTube in order to attract buyers to your eBay page.

If you have an advertising budget, you could promote your shop using Google Adwords or another similar search engine pay-per-click ad service in order to generate more business.

In any business the customer is the most important thing. You should strive to always provide quality to your customers at every level of the transaction. This will increase your sales as well as your reputation. By becoming a PowerSeller you show that you have reached the highest level of customer satisfaction and your achievements will be recognized.



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